No man is an island ... and especially no one with a horse! Consequently, here is a list of people who are very important to me.

Pirjo Leirimaa

is a professional graphic artist. She has made the design of these netpages.

  1. phone: 050 313 78 91

  2. pirjo.leirimaa (at)

Mari Ekonen

is the owner of Ekosen Talli, the stable where Ionait and Seurari lived before moving to the Active Stable in Korpilahti.

  1. phone: 050 329 71 22

Irja Kankaanpää

is a professional hoof trimmer who takes care of Ionait's and Seurari‘s barefoot hooves.

  1. phone: 0400 516 006

  2. ikankaan (at)

Eerika Häkkinen

is our beloved Centered Riding teacher. Her courses are invariably yearned for and her advise is most appreciated.

  1. ehakkine (at)

Hannele Kerkelä

is a professional Physiotherapist for humans, dogs and horses. Fortunately, neither me, Ionait nor Suerari has needed her yet. But we witnessed her good work with other horses, so we would definitely rely on her.

  1. phone: 0400 429 533

  2. hannelen.fysioterapia (at)